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We have land available in many districts across the Chile. We also provide land off-market.

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For Sale in Chile


 Hotel for sale in Termas de Chillan, Chile
 MyM Real Estate, Chillan, Chile

2.160.000 USD >details

Robledal Hotel
Termas de Chillan/Valle Nevado


 Islands for sale in Chilean Patagonia.

Guafo Island For Sale
75.000 acres
Pacific Ocean

Cattle Ranchs for sale in southern Chile.

Frams located in one of most scenic areas of southern Chile.

This are is called "Los Lagos" District because of its numerous lakes that offer beaches and al kinds of waters sports, and spectacular rivers that offer fly-fishing, rafting. It also has with volcanos that offer thermal baths.

Ensenada, Puerto Varas


 Vineyards for sale in Chile

If you are looking for a Winery or a Vineyard to buy in Chile, ask first to Patrimonium Real Esatate.

From smaller vineyards ideal for hobby wine producers, to substantial vineyard businesses we hope you will find your ideal opportunity here.

 Vineyads and Winery availabe

Chile/South America



lands in Chile

Buy suitable area for important tourist project.

Buy land in Chile.
With exclusive acces to lake or sea.
At less than 2 hours of an international airport.

Chile/South America













































































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properties, parcels, lots, and land for sale in  Chile, South America

Patrimonium real estate listings focus on beautiful properties and real estate located in all regions of Chile.

We are eager to make your dreams of home and land ownership come to fruition and are available to answer any of your questions.  Please contact us through our Patrimonium form or call us direct.

          -All prices are approximate conversions to USD unless otherwise marked.
          -Property sizes are acres, unless otherwise noted.

Chile is a country of startling  beauty and contrasts, with attractions ranging from the towering volcanic peaks of the Andes to the ancient forests of the south. There are a multitude of amazing parks and plenty of opportunities for excellent adventure travel.

Chile is also famously known as the location of Torres del Paine, considered by many to be the finest nature travel destinations in all of South America.  

About 80% of the land in Chile is comprised of mountains, with most Chileans living near or on these mountains. The majestically snowcapped Andes and their pre-cordillera elevations provide an ever-present backdrop to much of the scenery.  Less formidable but equally stunning mountains also grace the Chilean landscape.

Although they seemingly can appear anywhere, the non-Andean mountains usually form part of transverse and coastal ranges. The former, located most characteristically in the north natural regions, extend with various shapes from the Andes to the ocean, creating valleys with an east-west direction. The latter are evident mainly in the center of the country and create what is commonly called the Central Valley between them and the Andes. In the far south, the Central Valley runs into the ocean's waters. At this location, the higher elevations of the coastal range facing the Andes become a multiplicity of islands, forming an intricate labyrinth of channels and fjords that have been an enduring challenge to maritime navigators.














Chilean Land Investment

The value of Chilean land has risen dramatically in recent years.

This growth is linked to the demand for Chilean property as investments and also as healthy environments for living and vacationing.

  • For our investors, there are incredible return rates especially when comparing Patrimonium properties to other low risk investments.  Owning land is a tangible asset, potentially growing for life, and does not carry the volatility of stocks and bonds.  Chilean property continues to be one of the most popular investments among private investors.

  • For our home/vacation  owners,  the ability to  design and build their own custom home in a beautiful environment is a great draw. The clean Chilean air and open space further attract those builders interested in sustainable and “green building”. Wide open areas allow for the perfect settings in which to install solar panels.  The Patrimonium properties provide an opportunity to create healthier and more energy-efficient homes leaving a lighter footprint on the environment.



Contact us to purchase plots that we have earmarked as have good long term potential.

We are in a position to supply freehold land from across the Chile.

Before you buy land, take steps to protect your investment. As well as the local authority, before you buy land, you can talk to the local shop-keepers and also the neighbours. This has the advantage that you might also get to hear about ideas which have yet to be formally proposed.

Hotel for sale in Termas de Chillan, Chile

2.160.000 USD
Robledal Hotel for sale
Termas de Chillan/Valle Las Trancas

properties, parcels, lots, and land for sale in southern Chile, South America


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